SMU Arts Festival 2019
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Today’s Singapore stands tall and strong, like a majestic tembusu nourished by the deep roots of her heritage. Through the theme of Roots, this year’s SMU Arts Festival celebrates the collective memories of our people, culture and land through music, dance and visual arts. By retelling shared stories and re-imagining our past, we trace Singapore’s transformation from a backwater entrepôt to a bustling economy, and witness the 700-year journey that continues to mould our identity and destiny on and beyond Singapore’s Bicentennial.

The Singapore Management University (SMU) Arts Festival is an annual showcase of creative expression through the arts. Featuring events comprising a range of art forms including music, dance, theatre, literary as well as visual arts, the festival provides a purposeful opportunity to bring the arts to the public audience. SMU Arts Festival 2019 is its fifth edition.